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Cyber Assurance Reporting Template V1
  • Cyber Assurance Reporting Template V1


    Are you looking to start your journey of providing cyber security governance and assurance to stakeholders in your organisation? Not too sure where to start or what outcomes you should be focusing on?


    Look no further! Our Cybersecurity Outcome Driven Metrics Excel Template is designed to simplify the reporting process and give you a solid platform to begin reporting on the effectiveness of your security operations!


    Key Features:


    • Outcome-Driven Metrics: Our template emphasizes outcomes over processes. It goes beyond traditional metrics to measure the impact of your security efforts on organizational goals. We've provided 100 different outcome-driven metrics to get you started!


    • Business-Focused Language: Say goodbye to jargon! We’ve crafted this template with business leaders in mind. It provides examples of how to translate technical operational metircs into terms that resonate with executives.


    • Automated Dashboard: The Excel-based dashboard provides automatic calculations of your underlying data to give stakeholders trackable key performance indicators (KPIs) related to your outcomes. 


    • Customizable and Ready-to-Use: Simply download the template, input your data, and watch the magic happen. Customize it to fit your organization’s unique needs, and start driving meaningful conversations about cybersecurity outcomes.


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