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web based html5 cyber security games to raise awareness
Online cyber security quizzes and trivia to test knowledge


Cyber awareness campaigns
Education Arcade cyber awareness



As our digital lives grow, people face the threat of cyber enabled crime more and more everyday. Recent studies have shown that cyber crime is growing in complexity, scope and scale every year. 

We've seen it first hand; people that have lost their life savings, deposits for a new house or their retirement fund. It's heart-breaking.

This is why the Education Arcade is focused on providing people with a memorable learning experience designed to help keep them safe online.

We do this through the use of gamified e-Learning – a powerful tool that reshapes the learning experience by making it fun, interactive and educational. 

education arcade
Education Arcade cyber awareness
Education Arcade cyber awareness


Cyber security awareness and education works best when it is short, simple and entertaining. If you agree, then you're in the right place! 
We have two core service models to choose from:

give a litte



"Pro bono publico", which means "for the public good."


While we reserve all rights over our content, it is completely free for the general public, schools and non-profit organisations. This means you're able to use our content as long as you don't sell or financially profit from it in any way.



Scroll down to the Games page and select the topic you want to learn.


You can also try our fortnightly Trivia Quizzes to test your knowledge and learn interesting facts about cyber security!

Want to support Education Arcade and our mission to provide free cyber security content? Visit our Give a Little page.

education arcade
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Education Arcade cyber awareness


Real games, with a security awareness twist!

As content creators of gamified cyber security awareness material, we offer our content to businesses who wish to enhance their security awareness programs.

Our content is available to lease, customisable to fit your learning objectives, and designed to enhance your staff's understanding of safe online security behaviours.


We have a range of hosting and customisation options available and are the cheapest and fastest way to add gamification to your security awareness program!

Want to know more? Please Contact Us for more information!

Pricing guide and hosting options available upon request.



Learn the basics and stay safe online with our interactive cyber security games!

You'll learn about:

  • Password Security 

  • Phishing Emails

  • Data Loss Protection

  • Ransomware

  • Invoice Scams


With more coming soon!


Educational games are a highly effective way to educate people! We have three main games and two interactive stories available on the Arcade.

If you're using a PC, click the 'Game Time!' button above to have a go!

Please note that our games are optimised for PC users only - we are still working on mobile support.

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Test your cyber security knowledge with our fortnightly Cyber Security Quiz!

We release fortnightly cyber security trivia quizzes to get people interested and learning about the latest security events. Compete as a team or challenge your work mates!


Each quiz is a mixture of general knowledge questions with specific learning outcomes. For example:

  • Learning cyber security terminology

  • The latest / biggest cyber security news stories

  • Understanding common security threats

  • The impact on people and businesses due to poor security behaviour

Best of all, its available on mobile and PC! 

Click the 'Trivia Time!' button above, select your quiz and give it a go!

free information security quizzes for beginners
free cybersecurity awareness games


Thank you for visiting Education Arcade. My name is Brock and I want to share my inspiration for creating educational video games.


I’ve been working in IT for many years now and absolutely love the work I do in information security. However, one particularly busy day, I received a reminder to complete my annual and mandatory e-Learning modules.


These were your typical corporate e-Learning modules, crammed full of wordy paragraphs. Later that night I was reflecting on my day and realised that I could only remember a handful of lessons from that e-Learning module. As soon as I finished the module I was back into my busy day completing the work and activities I was employed for.


I found this strange. Forgetting something from only a few hours ago, yet being able to recall other learning experiences from when I was much younger.


I recall playing educational video games when I was 8 years old. Years later, I still have vivid memories of how those games taught me anything from mathematics to problem solving. 


I came to the realisation that there was far too much content in the e-Learning module, I simply didn’t absorb the key messages it was attempting to deliver. It was more of a chore than a memorable learning experience.


After spending many months reading about various learning techniques, I came to the conclusion that information is absorbed well when it is memorable, and focused on a few key messages. Less is more.


This was the dawn of Education Arcade.


As a lover of indie games, animation and cyber security, I decided to mash my skill-sets together, and re-create those memorable learning experiences I had when I was 8 years old. Only this time I'd be helping people learn about good cyber security behaviours.


I am extremely proud of the work we’ve done so far and continue to look forward to helping others become more cyber-savvy.

free cyber education and awareness training


Have a question about Education Arcade?

Want to purchase our content for use in your own security awareness training or campaign?

Prefer a face to face chat? We are based in Wellington NZ and happy to meet anytime for coffee, or a digital one over MS Teams! 

Reach out to us here or through our Social Media channels below!

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