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Education Arcade is passionate about making high quality cyber security awareness content affordable for everyone. We believe that this type of content should be available to businesses of all sizes and budgets. 


With that goal in mind, we are pleased to announce the release of our latest cybersecurity awareness project, titled First Line Of Defence: Cyber Compromise!  As the name suggests, our people are our first line of defence for protecting our businesses from cyber-attacks.


So, it is important that our people understand safe cyber security behaviours that enable them to protect your business, and that those behaviours are re-enforced regularly throughout the year.


First Line Of Defence: Cyber Compromise is a monthly awareness campaign that businesses of all sizes can run with minimal effort, zero cyber security experience and at a fraction of the cost of traditional campaigns.


Our campaign content focuses on 12 safe cyber security behaviours, one for each month of the year, and is delivered through short, story driven comic strip posters, supported by a monthly communication plan.


We’ve created all of the content needed to run this campaign over the next year, all you need to do is click ‘print’ on our posters and ‘send’ on our communications each month!

First Line of Defence: Cyber Compromise

“First Line” Comic Book!

Kick the campaign off in style with this full colour A5 comic book! 


The comic contains all 12 safe security behaviours explained in a short story format - a perfect piece of content that your employees will want to pick up and read!

Simply print the Comic Book PDF on your A4 colour printer, double-sided, fold it in half and staple the spine.

First Line of Defence: Cyber Compromise

Monthly Awareness Posters!

All 12 safe security behaviours from the comic book have been turned into printable posters - an eye-catching piece of security awareness to put up around the office!

Simply print this month's poster in a size of your choosing and hang them around common areas in your office.

Campaign content includes sizes A1, A2, A3 & A4.

First Line of Defence: Cyber Compromise

Monthly Communications!

For all 12 safe security behaviours in this pack, there is a bespoke email communications for you to send to your employees!

A short, 2-minute read every month that explains the safe security behaviour, why it is important, real-world context, and simple steps they can take to protect your business.

Campaign communication plan includes 13 email templates; 1 to kick off the campaign alongside the Comic Book, and 12 for each safe security behaviour.


One of our primary goals in developing the First Line O.D: Cyber Compromise content was to create a high quality, effective and long-lasting awareness campaign that any business can afford. Just take a look at our value comparison when comparing other content development options.

First Line of Defence: Cyber Compromise

First Line Content

Based on cyber security

best practice!

Download immediately after purchase!

0 Hours spent developing awareness content!

One-time cost of 


Internally Developed

Based on internal knowledge of the subject matter

Up to three weeks development time

80+ Hours spent developing awareness content

Staff cost of approx.


Externally Developed

Based on requirements gathering session

Up to two weeks development time

60+ Hours spent developing awareness content

One-time cost of approx.


"High quality security awareness campaigns couldn’t be cheaper or easier to deliver with Education Arcade!"

Visit our online store to purchase your campaign content!

*Not for resale or distribution. Resale requires a distribution licencing agreement with Education Arcade. Please contact us. 

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