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It's a powerful tool for learning. We use it to teach simple behaviours that help keep you safe online!

In these games you'll learn about:

  • Password Security 

  • Phishing Emails

  • Data Loss Protection

  • Ransomware

  • Business Email Compromise

  • Common Scams


With more coming soon!

Interested in purchasing or customising these games to use within your security awareness program? Please Contact Us!


Brute Force

Description: A password security game where you’ll learn about password strength, and how to turn your password into a long and strong passphrase.

Key Messages: Long passwords are strong, How to easily add complexity to your password, Don't re-use passwords, Multi factor authentication is key. The key topic of this game is:

Average Play Time: 15-20 Minutes

Is my password secure from hackers?

Logo Brute Force play password protection game


Description: A phishing  email game where you’ll learn about the different types of phishing attacks and the traits to watch out for.

Key Messages: The traits of phishing emails, Don’t click suspicious links, Don’t open suspicious attachments, Speak up and report it. The key topic of this game is:

Average Play Time: 15-20 Minutes

What are the different types of phishing emails?

clickbait phishing awareness game logo


Description: A data loss protection game that teaches you about identifying sensitive data and how to handle it safely and securely.  

Key Messages: Classify your data so you know how to handle it, When to encrypt files, Double check recipients, Sanitize emails before forwarding. The key topic of this game is:

Average Play Time: 10-15 Minutes 

How do I protect sensitive data?

data loss prevention game logo

Ransom Attack

Description: An interactive story about a cyber criminals plan to extort money from people using ransomware.

Key Messages: Don’t open links from unexpected emails or unknown contacts, Don’t open suspicious attachments and always back up your sensitive data. The key topic of this game is:

Average Play Time: 5-8 Minutes

How does a ransomware attack work?

ransomware awareness and educational game

Email Attack

Description: An interactive story explaining how criminals steal money by hijacking email accounts to send invoice scams to people. 

Key Messages: Don’t open links or attachments from unknown people, Double check payment details and/or confirm them over another channel. The key topic of this game is:

Average Play Time: 5-8 Minutes

What is a business email compromise (bec) attack?

business email compromise 101


Description: scam awareness 

game that teaches you all about common scams people face every day, how to identify them, and stop them. 

Key Messages: When you receive an unsolicited email or phone call, Stop. Think. Report. Tell tail signs to watch out for across all of the different scam types. The key topic of this game is:

Average Play Time: 15-20 Minutes

How can I identify common online and phone scams?

Logo Scamland play.png

CIA: Part 1

Description: A game explaining one of the corner stones of cyber security: confidentiality and how to apply tools and practices to your online activities. 

Key Messages: Learn why confidentiality online is important, understand the security tools that can be used to help maintain confidentiality of accounts. The key topic of this game is:

Average Play Time: 5-8 Minutes

How do I use security tools to protect my online confidentiality?

Logo CIA Part1 Play.png

Rug Pull Attack

Description: Thinking of buying a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)? Try our interactive simulation of an NFT project scam, also known as a 'Rug Pull'. We provide an NFT 101 guide with a look at the social engineering tactics used in the scam: charity donation fraud, peer pressure, fake crypto games & fraudulent social cause initiatives. 

Key Messages: Assume everyone is a scammer until proven otherwise, you can't be sure of anything, gambling v.s investing. Key topic:

Average Duration: 15-20 Minutes

How do I know if an NFT is real and not a scam?

The Super Mega Rainbow Rug Pull click.png

Coming Soon!

We have more educational games & experiences in development!

Did you know?

It takes approximately 250 hours to make one of these games!

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