Learn the basics and stay safe online with our interactive cyber security games!

You'll learn about:

  • Password Security 

  • Phishing Emails

  • Data Loss Protection

  • Ransomware

  • Invoice Scams


With more coming soon!

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Brute Force

Description: A password security game where you’ll learn about password strength, and how to turn your password into a long and strong passphrase.

Key Messages: Long passwords are strong, How to easily add complexity to your password, Don't re-use passwords, Multi factor authentication is key.

Average Play Time: 15-20 Minutes

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Description: A phishing  email game where you’ll learn about the different types of phishing attacks and the traits to watch out for.

Key Messages: The traits of phishing emails, Don’t click suspicious links, Don’t open suspicious attachments, Speak up and report it.

Average Play Time: 15-20 Minutes

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Description: A data loss protection game that teaches you about identifying sensitive data and how to handle it safely and securely.  

Key Messages: Classify your data so you know how to handle it, When to encrypt files, Double check recipients, Sanitize emails before forwarding.

Average Play Time: 10-15 Minutes 

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Ransom Attack

Description: An interactive story about a cyber criminals plan to extort money from people using ransomware.

Key Messages: Don’t open links from unexpected emails or unknown contacts, Don’t open suspicious attachments and always back up your sensitive data.

Average Play Time: 5-8 Minutes


Email Attack

Description: An interactive story explaining how criminals steal money by hijacking email accounts to send invoice scams to people. 

Key Messages: Don’t open links or attachments from unknown people, Double check payment details and/or confirm them over another channel. 

Average Play Time: 5-8 Minutes


Coming Soon!

We have more educational games in development!

Did you know?

It takes approximately 250 hours to make one of these games!

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