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Education Arcade releases new online safety course for students!

"Welcome to the Internet... and being safe online!"

Welcome to the internet

We've been burning the midnight oil at Education Arcade over the past few months developing new content!

Now, we are ready to officially launch a brand-new campaign designed to teach kids how to keep their digital stuff secure, as well as keeping themselves secure online:

"Welcome to the Internet... and being safe online!"

We're focusing on practical advice that can be applied immediately, while providing context into broader aspects of online safety.

This is an extremely important area of development for kids and at Education Arcade, we believe we can help students learn, by helping teachers teach.

This learning is wrapped into what we hope will be a visually engaging experience for kids! And an online adventure like this needed an online companion, so we created this little character above that levels up after every completed course!

Our Course Curriculum:

There are 10 theory lessons designed to take students years 3 or above, through our core online safety learning objectives which include 10 practical lessons on how to apply the learnings.

Some important things to note:

✔ We've developed our content for the classroom

✔ We've created a mobile enabled audio version

✔ We've animated graphics & rendered video's

✔ We've based our content off trusted industry research

✔ We've made it 100% free for students, no sign ups required

✔ We've got something that we know can make a difference

As a teacher you may be asking yourself how you could implement a course like this in your classroom. Well, we've made it very easy with the below teachers guide!

Teachers Guide:

Download PDF • 564KB

Want to access the course and explore yourself? No problem!

Course Content:

We will be working with schools around the country to help them implement this short course into the classroom and hopefully, help to teach a lot of kids the importance of online safety.


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