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First Line of Defence: Cyber Compromise
  • First Line of Defence: Cyber Compromise


    "First Line of Defence: Cyber Compromise" is a poster, communications and comic book, security awareness campaign. In this resource pack you will receive:


    • 12 x Story-based awareness posters
    • 12 x Supporting cyber safety communications
    • 1 x Printable Comic Book
    • 1 x Campaign kick off communication
    • 1 x Awareness campaign delivery guide


    This campaign is designed to teach employees safe cyber security behaviours that help to protect your business from cyber threats. These safe behaviours are:


    • Lock your PC when away from your desk
    • Never share your passwords
    • Take a pause before you click
    • Keep offices secure from unauthorised visitors
    • Be cautious in public places
    • Report suspicious emails
    • Speak up if you see unsafe behaviour
    • Think before you act
    • Only use trusted devices
    • Keep your PC updated
    • Verify unknown callers
    • Avoid using work PCs for unsafe personal use


    These behaviours are supported by a communications plan that help staff understand:


    • Why these behaviours are important
    • The risks associated with getting it wrong
    • Actions they can take to adopt these behaviours


    This campaign is designed to run for 12 months, with a new safe behaviour being delivered every month. All you need to do each month is print out the posters, hang them up around the office, and send a pre-written communication out to your employees - it really couldnt be easier!

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